The Herb Store - Ervas e Mezinhas was born in the summer of 2019, after an extensive reflection of more than 8 years, in which the founder deeply questioned himself about the effectiveness, and especially the practical value of Phytotherapy nowadays, in which medical therapy dominates and solves most health problems.

Moved by scientific rigor, after all this time, he gained courage, opened the doors of a store, which doesn't just sell simple articles. It sells the best that Phytotherapy can give us, moving away from natural products with irrational compositions and amounts of active principles. And therefore, ensuring quality, effectiveness and safety of all products available.

We are also dedicated to the commercialization of teas, infusions and medicinal plants in bulk, dispensed in packaging of recyclable material, in order to be as ecological as possible.

At the moment, the team is only composed of its founder, a Licensed Pharmacy Technician with more than 10 years of experience in community pharmacy, holder of a master's degree in Phytotherapy from IL3-University of Barcelona.

I hope that with your help, we can grow, and with that, contribute to ensuring your most important asset, Health.

Mário Paulo